When Companies Get It Right

Anyone who has ever spent time around me knows that I love my Sigg water bottles. I have a variety of sizes and bottle tops, and can rarely be found without one of them full of water. I prefer not to use plastic containers and won’t purchase disposable water bottles and create a landfill nightmare. Since glass bottles aren’t very portable, Sigg is the best thing I’ve found to keep hydrated on the go!

Several months ago, the credit card software provider for Sigg, Network Solutions, LLC, experienced a data compromise, resulting in unauthorized access to credit card information belonging to credit card holders of its clients. The first I learned of this was through a letter in the mail from TransUnion. The letter: 1. explained what happened and 2. provided me with one full year of credit monitoring from TransUnion, paid for by Network Solutions.

After doing a little research and verifying the contents of my letter, I signed up for the credit monitoring and now receive regular email updates on the status of my credit history, which so far have been happily boring. The timing was fortuitous, since 2 months later a friend had her home broken into and her laptop stolen, which contained my SSN.

So, already I’m pleased. Here’s a potentially very bad situation for a company, which moved quickly and proactively to provide a solution for its clients and allay any concerns about the security breach.

Then today, I find a box in the mail from Sigg. Since I hadn’t ordered anything lately I was curious. Inside the box was a brand new Sigg water bottle with a letter, again with apologies for the security breach, and offering the water bottle as a gesture for my inconvenience.

Whoa! Now I’m very happy. I’ve gone from someone who may have been frustrated about my credit card being compromised, to someone who feels totally protected and is guaranteed to now be an even more loyal customer. Companies that can take a bad situation and turn it into “delighting the customer” deserve great commendation. In this case, the company I did business with directly, as well as the company they entrusted with my credit both did a great job.

In these days where we are quick to hear and talk about the companies who get it wrong, the ones who sue their customers, the ones who give bad service – you know who they are, service like Sigg and Network Solutions just provided should be shouted from the mountaintops.

Hey folks – this is how you do customer service right! If you haven’t discovered them yet, please check out Sigg water bottles and try one – you will never use a plastic water bottle again!