The Latest GOP Rules

Along with friends and family I attended Ron Paul’s “We Are The Future” rally in Tampa Sunday, August 26th. Like any Ron Paul event, we learned a lot and I want to share a lot of it. However, this morning I read this article about Ron Paul delegates mounting a floor fight over the new (last minute) GOP rules. Just wanted to share the article with a couple of comments.

First, we heard a lot Sunday about all the last minute “make up the rules as we go along” the GOP has done to try to prevent the type of success and momentum Ron Paul has garnered in spite of all the obstacles. It’s bad enough they regularly bend/break their own rules, now they blatantly change-as-they-go to suit their agenda, without shame. Never mind it’s in direct opposition to the true purpose of the RNC.

The new GOP rules would bind delegates to the outcome of presidential primaries and caucuses. Presidential candidates would be able to choose which delegates represent them at the convention. However, in a concession to activists agreed to on Monday, the candidates would have to consult with state parties in selecting the delegates.

Currently, state parties choose national delegates, usually at state and congressional district conventions.

Why are they changing the rules? Fear of Ron Paul, as clearly summarized by a delegate. But regardless of who you support, what’s happening here is they are killing your voice… negating your vote in the process. To explain: the new rule is creating a “winner take all” in every state. So if Candidate A wins 51% support from state votes and Candidate B wins 49% support, Candidate A takes all delegates from that state. Nearly half the population just lost their vote.

“It’s going to shut us out of the process,” said Oregon delegate Larry Ericksen, a Paul backer compelled by state rules to vote for Romney at the convention. “We deserve a voice in the process.”

Next, per his statement below, Schriefer is a dreamer. After attending the (11,000 seat sold out) rally Sunday I assure you, Romney has not earned and will not have the support of Paul’s supporters. For all you Obama supporters, rest easy, I see no possible way Romney can win the election. Regardless of who you support, if you’re not outraged at the hijacking of what was once a democratic process, you’re not paying attention.

“In terms of unity, we are a big party. We have people with different opposing viewpoints. I don’t think this is a particularly divisive point of view,” Schriefer told reporters Monday. “The one thing we know is we’re all united in defeating Barack Obama and at the end of the day, I guarantee you on Thursday as we walk out of this convention we will be 100 percent united behind MR and defeating Barack Obama for the good of the country.”

Spoken like a man who realizes he has current control of the party and knows that if his control waivers the GOP will simply change the rules to correct. This is not the path to unity OR liberty.

“If you seek truth you will not seek victory by dishonorable means, and if you find truth you become invincible”

Who’s Afraid of Ron Paul?

That’s really not the best question, as it turns out. The “who” is easy to answer. If you can read inflammatory words about Ron Paul and not smell the fear from the establishment at his grass roots popularity, do some research. Ask one question: Why? Why are they trying so hard to make him look bad? Keeping you misinformed is in the best interest of those currently making up the rules in this country – those that left so many people without homes or jobs, as they bailed themselves out. Look beyond what they are trying to sell you and dare to ask what they have to gain by doing so.

Why did the Republican Jewish Coalition ban Ron Paul from their debate? (Hint: it has almost nothing to do with his thoughts on Israel.)

Well, I’m neither Republican nor Jewish nor a member of a Coalition, so the immediate event is not my call (though I¬†do¬†believe that dissonance is more illuminating than seven-part harmony). That said, this seems to me more of an attempt to draw boundaries around acceptable policy discourse than any active concern that President Dr. Ron Paul would be actively anti-Israel or anti-Semitic. The fact that he is a political outlier on an effectively bipartisan U.S. foreign policy that has become increasingly expensive and unpopular strikes me as a count in favor, not against.


An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Ron Paul 2012

Though media is ignoring Ron Paul to the greatest extent possible, this message cannot be silenced in a society where communication and information is available at our fingertips. In a world where Twitter can make the difference in the Iranian elections and social media can unite people from all backgrounds and beliefs, an “idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government.” This is that time.

(BTW – it was announced today that Ron Paul won the California straw poll. Are people waking up across America? They are indeed.)