Life will pay ANY price you ask of it

When I was in MBA school a conversation with a professor led to one of the most important realizations of my life. We were talking about goals and I remarked something like: “I have succeeded in achieving every goal I have set for myself so far.” Naturally I was feeling quite proud of myself for this fact when he replied: “Then you haven’t aimed high enough.”

I was stunned silent. It never occurred to me that I’d been selling myself short. I consistently set goals that I knew were achievable and never pushed myself beyond that which I KNEW I could attain. That was one of the moments that changed my life.

In this video Tony Robbins makes the point: life will pay any price you ask of it. What price are you demanding of life? Are you selling yourself short to avoid the possibility of failure or are you busting open the gates of all potential by aiming beyond the known and reaching for levels you have never reached before?

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” – Les Brown