Food Matters

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

I watched the documentary “Food Matters” last night. Finally, a film that highlights what “healthy living” really means. In modern day society we have become programmed by what corporations want us to think about how we should live. Even with unprecedented numbers of deaths attributed to heart disease, type II diabetes and worse, prescription drugs, we still haven’t stopped to consider – maybe it’s what we are putting in our bodies!

Our bodies are the best drug manufacturers on the planet. The human body is capable of creating exactly the drug needed, in precisely the amount necessary and sending it to the very spot in the body where it will work. Our bodies will do this on their own – IF we feed and nourish the body with the nutrients needed to thrive. Continue reading “Food Matters”

Self Talk, Part II

Making Quality Statements

As I began in Part 1, our self-talk has a profound impact on our self-perception, as well as of the world around us. The things we say to and ask ourselves will shape who we become and will either hinder or allow high levels of success. Knowing this, I place a lot of attention on the statements I make to and about myself.

One thing to consider is that our subconscious can not really distinguish a statement made in jest from one spoken in truth. Continue reading “Self Talk, Part II”

Self Talk, Part I

Asking Quality Questions

I’ve long been a fan of self-improvement guru Tony Robbins because his approach not only makes sense, it has worked for me for several years. One of my take-aways from his programs comes up repeatedly when I’m working with a client or just talking to a friend or family member.

How much time do you spend frustrated at your “inability” to change an undesirable behavior or achieve a particular outcome in your own life? Think right now, and get in your mind one thing that you would like to change about yourself or your life and keep it in mind for the rest of this post.

Our minds have a brilliant way of solving our problems *when we give them the opportunity to do so*. Continue reading “Self Talk, Part I”

Feathers, Bricks & Trucks

At a recent seminar with Scott Harris I heard this concept and felt it worth sharing. If you like, check out his video here.

The universe sends us messages all the time. These typically come in one of three forms: feathers, bricks or trucks. You might go to the doctor, and she may tell you that you need to lose some weight and that your blood pressure is elevated so you also need to quit drinking and make some dietary changes. This is a feather – a nice, soft message. Most people are too busy to listen to, or simply miss the feather completely. So next we get sent a brick. Continue reading “Feathers, Bricks & Trucks”

New Alzheimer’s Test Offers Early Warning Symptom Detection

New Alzheimer’s self test offers early detection of warning signs, while there is still time for effective treatments to be administered. Early diagnosis and treatment can delay onset or progression of symptoms, buying critical time and extending quality of life for seniors. This breakthrough test is the first clinically proven, early warning screen, available directly to consumers, and is internet accessible.

I love the level of control this puts in the hands of the consumer. No more fretting and worrying if memory concerns are normal, or if they may be signs of something serious. Now seniors can log in, take the test, and rest easy, or learn concerns are valid and physician evaluation is warranted. Either way, regular brain screening with a test like this puts the information at the fingertips of consumers and empowers us all to make more informed decisions about our health.

Celebrating Dr. John (Tom) Mentzer

During the course of my MBA studies at The University of Tennessee I was one of the fortunate students to have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Tom Mentzer. Much has been written about Dr. Mentzer and in far more eloquent ways than could I, so I won’t attempt to replicate that here.  Dr. Mentzer passed away last Friday, following his 2+ year battle with cancer.

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals has written a bio about Dr. Mentzer’s incredible life, and has made available a short book Dr. Mentzer wrote during his battle and you can find it here.

I read the book this week and can tell you the first 5 pages alone changed my attitude. I would sum it up this way: “do more celebrating and less enduring in your life.”  One section talks about the question “Why?”  I love his point that some questions simply do not have answers and we call those: “fundamental axioms.” He says: “What a great term! I will never know the answer so we will assume it’s a certain way and then not worry about it.”  What an excellent philosophy!

Give yourself a gift – read his short book (45 pages) this weekend.  Then, go celebrate life!

Cheers, Dr. Mentzer! Thank you for continuing to give to us, even in your absence. We celebrate you!