Deck Staining Project (or, the picture of true friendship)

Without hesitation I can say I have the greatest friends on earth. I know, everyone thinks they do, but seriously, check this out. About a month ago two of my friends, Carolyn and Jessie, spent the weekend with me and Ryan putting in two long days completely landscaping the front and back yard of our home. Last weekend, even though Ryan was gone, they came back and stained the entire deck with me. I’m talking about a second floor, 31×14 deck with more spindles than you notice until you are meticulously staining each one. We worked 11 hours Saturday and another 9 Sunday.

By the way, I hired Vince Henry to oversee the project and to do all the “ladder work” around the outside of the deck (plus all the other stuff we didn’t want to do). The four of us were like the dream team. Vince did an outstanding job and I highly recommend him if you need work done. Also, if you need to improve your golf putting game, check out his patented golf putter.

Before/after below: