When Good Chocolate Happens to Bad Dogs

TinnyIn the last post you gained some background on Tinny, affectionately dubbed “The Bad Dog” in our house. Realizing that can be a self-fulfilling prophecy of course, we only call her that behind her back.  So what was it that finally took us to our Tinny limit?

First you should know it’s been a very busy year for us.  Ryan and I got married, planned a wedding ceremony 500 miles away, house-hunted, sold our house, bought a new one and moved in, traveled to Alaska, British Virgin Islands and lots of points in between.  Tinny has actually managed to mellow a bit over this past year, even with all the upheaval.

But as we started packing to move to our new home, the anxiety overcame her. After two hours out one night I came home to find, Continue reading “When Good Chocolate Happens to Bad Dogs”