Win a $50 Gift Card to Earth Fare

In case you don’t know it, my favorite grocery store in the world – Earth Fare – is getting ready to open a new location in Bearden. I can hardly wait for the big opening, which puts a location closer to my home. To put the icing on THAT cake, Earth Fare has sent me a special offer for you guys. Check it out and let the stories begin!

Economic times are tough. We all know that. And, Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket, seems to know that too. Have you been to their stores? If so, you would know that they are always trying to make healthy eating affordable, easy and delicious! Seriously – have you tried their homemade, all-natural chocolate chip cookies – if not, it is .99 cents of deliciousness! Well, in celebration of the opening of their new Knoxville store on June 17th, Earth Fare gave me a $50.00 gift card to give away! Yeah, very cool. They just said, hey Jen – give this away for us.

So, now, we want you to tell us why you deserve or just plain want this gift card. We’ve all got stories. You may have a family of four to feed on a tight budget. You may have lost your job recently and just need some extra help. You may be a cookie lover or organic food nut! Or, perhaps for whatever reason, you’ve never tried a healthy food store and just want to see what it’s like! Give us your best, most clever or funny reason, and we’ll consider it for the prize.

Winner will be selected by random drawing from stories submitted. So, ready, set, and get writing. Post your reason in the comments below today! You only have until Friday, June 12 to get your entry in. And, we’re waiting..

Good luck!