Hope Springs Eternal

With the recommendation for drugs by the emergency vet, we had renewed hope that there may be help for us.  The next day Ryan called and scheduled an appointment with our regular vet, as the ER vet had said we should do.  Ryan took Tinny to the vet without me, partially because we realized through our phone conversations that getting drugs for a dog was about as tough as getting drugs for humans.  Apparently… some PEOPLE abuse the doggie drugs by CLAIMING their dogs have issues and then they take/sell the doggie drugs.  Really, people???

I hate taking Advil, so the thought of taking drugs prescribed for animals is so foreign I can’t even imagine it. Nonetheless, Ryan being the more “even-keel” of the two of us, we decided it best that he go with Tinny alone.  There was a substitute vet there that day, a surgeon from UT Vet School.  He was especially careful and took Ryan through a litany of alternatives to drugs, including and especially a “behavioral therapist” for dogs. Ryan was sending me chat messages throughout the appointment, and I was steadily arming him with rebuttals… slowly working to wear the vet down so we could just get the drugs and move on.

Ryan admitted when he got home that day that he basically painted me as a manic psycho on the edge of a breakdown who, without drugs for the dog, would simply kill her instead. Granted, some days I came home, surveyed Tinny’s damage, and felt that way, but it was a bit disturbing to know I would have to change vets to avoid the “psycho” label in the future. Still, he knew I’d agree it was worth it.

So, after another $200 down on blood tests to be sure she could take the drugs, we waited a day or so to get the results and then go back to actually buy the drugs. This drug is called “Clomicalm,” which sounds nice and relaxing, doesn’t it? Let’s see how “calming” it really is…