Paradigm Shifts: Real Estate Marketing Today

The last week has brought a lot of discussion about paradigm shifts. The conversations have happened around different industries but centered on the same general topic. Because of my involvement in a project to help teach folks in the real estate industry efficient use of emerging web technologies, I’ve contributed to a recent report on shifting paradigms in marketing.

Then I had a meeting with someone working to get a new website up and running. The site owner is bright and talented but as we talked I realized that he too was stuck in an old paradigm. He talked about banner ads and print advertising and needing lots of investment money to get this website marketed.

The more people I encounter the more I realize how many folks haven’t quite grasped the usefulness of the available social media tools. With little to no money, but with some concerted effort, you can have your message, product or service in front of a wide audience.

You obviously need to understand how to use these tools, and how to use them effectively. However, I’m finding what hinders most people is not insufficient knowledge, but rather a mind-block that is holding them in an old, out-dated paradigm, which precludes them from considering new approaches.

You can get the report I mentioned for free by visiting this website. Even if you aren’t in real estate, the report is worth reading. I encourage you to share this with all your friends in real estate, especially your own agent (help them help you!). There’s more information on the site, which will be launching soon, if you’d like some more specific details on where to go from here.