This blog began in June of 2008 as a way to exercise my long-dormant writing muscles. Contrary to the rules of the blogosphere, it has no particular rhyme or reason. I may just as easily write about a sailing trip I took as a natural solution to a gnat infestation as a book I recently read. If it impacts me, if it interests me, if I think it might help someone else, if it’s just plain amusing, I’m likely to talk about it here.

Many thanks to Michael Wender for making me look good on the web, and to Joe Marek for the outstanding profile picture he took of me and my little one, Hayley Jane.  I took most of the photos in the rotating header in various places I have traveled, from Chile to Alaska to the BVI’s, and points in between.

I am truly grateful for a very blessed life and believe it is important to express that gratitude every day. I invite you to interact with me here via the comment section. Thanks for dropping by!