Food Matters

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

I watched the documentary “Food Matters” last night. Finally, a film that highlights what “healthy living” really means. In modern day society we have become programmed by what corporations want us to think about how we should live. Even with unprecedented numbers of deaths attributed to heart disease, type II diabetes and worse, prescription drugs, we still haven’t stopped to consider – maybe it’s what we are putting in our bodies!

Our bodies are the best drug manufacturers on the planet. The human body is capable of creating exactly the drug needed, in precisely the amount necessary and sending it to the very spot in the body where it will work. Our bodies will do this on their own – IF we feed and nourish the body with the nutrients needed to thrive.

If everything the body takes in is cooked or dead the digestive system actually treats that food like an invader. This was documented in 1930 by Dr. Paul Kouchakoff. He observed that, after eating a meal of cooked food, a persons white blood count increased, a process known as ‘digestive leukocytosis’. In this case, the immune system is actually handling the digestion process. Researchers then found that if at least 51% of the foods we consume are raw/alive, that immune reaction disappears. Think about the potential implications of having an immune system that has to work all day, every day just to process the things we put in our mouths.

The film tells the story of Bill W., founder of AA, who discovered that, by treating himself with hyper-doses of Niacin his depression was alleviated and he no longer had alcohol cravings. When he tried to implement vitamin therapy as part of the AA program, it had long since been taken over by modern medicine authorities and he was not allowed to do so.

A study was cited of a lady with such severe mood issues (and suicidal tendencies) she sat in a corner all day and never spoke. She was on a myriad of pharmaceutical medications until someone suggested giving her as much Niacin as it would take to heal her. At a dose of 11,500IU/day, she was sitting at the table talking with her family. When they took her to the doctor to show the progress, did the doctor respond enthusiastically? No, he said that much Niacin might be “dangerous” and they should take her off of it. The family stopped the Niacin and shortly the lady was back in the corner.

Personal story: a dear friend of mine, Lisa, received a kidney transplant at the age of 30. Lisa was put on transplant medications “for life.” A few years later her body was rejecting the kidney and she noticed the more the doctors increased her drugs the worse her numbers became. Lisa is a smart lady and did a lot of research on her own, which led her to decrease her drugs slowly over time. On each visit to the doctor her numbers improved until she was off the drugs entirely and her numbers were perfect. What was she doing, the doctors wanted to know! When she admitted she quit taking her drugs, did they respond with curiosity and awe? No, they scolded her and told her she could NOT go off her drugs and she must start taking them again.

What is wrong with this picture? Fortunately, Lisa is wise enough to realize that something did indeed need to change, so she found a new physician, one that recognized that the manufactured drugs are not the only tool in the toolbox. Our bodies are fantastically brilliant machines and, if we give them what they need, they take care of themselves. If we listen to our bodies they will tell us what is right for us. It’s time to take responsibility for your health and to be your own doctor. No one can do it better!

Food Matters clearly explains the need for society to rethink health and nutrition. As stated in the movie: we need education, not medication.

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