Tinny vs. TCU, Round 2: March Badness

Tinny – 2, TCU – 0

Tinny manhandled the TCU in round 1. So we had to step it up with reinforcements for round 2.

We cut more netting and re-stapled it, getting it flush between the fence support boards so she couldn’t get a paw between the top of the netting and the fence boards behind it.  We removed the gate support boards and put the netting flush to the gate itself.  We took pieces of 2×4’s and screwed them in over the netting to really secure it.  We used anything we had on hand to reinforce the netting around the TCU, and put Tinny in it one more time.

I took her back out, filled her bowl with food, placed it in her château, and gave her a bone and a giant rawhide. She stayed in her house long enough to eat her dinner – THIS is what makes me think it’s not so much separation anxiety as it is Tinny just working up to a good “mad” for being left. If eating is more important than worrying about us leaving then she isn’t that anxious, imo. She’s just ticked off at us for leaving her. She even poked her head outside to watch me leave, then went right back to eating.

Perhaps she just recognized the need for nourishment before her next battle, since she now had a bigger job before her. And would she ever rise to the challenge. It’s time to point out that she was wearing her “bark collar” with a fresh battery so that the neighbors didn’t have to call us in for being a nuisance. Tinny however, would whine and yell at us right through it. We could look at her and see the red light going off and it didn’t seem to phase her a bit. That’s one stubborn dog.

We watched her for a while grab the netting and pull, but the 2×4’s seemed to be doing their job. It got darker and we could see less from inside but could still hear her. After almost 90 minutes we went out to turn on the heated floor pad in her château, so we could test a full night in the house.

It was not to be, however. Tinny had managed to literally tear the chicken wire in between the 2×4’s at the bottom of the gate and by now one of the cedar boards was completely chewed off below the lower fence board. I was starting to feel ill. Out she came and back inside for the night.

Bright and early I showed up at ZooMommy’s front door, Tinny in tow. Having mixed feelings (concern for ZooMommy but relief to be leaving Tinny for the weekend), we headed to the airport to fly south for a few days of sunshine and relaxation!

3 thoughts on “Tinny vs. TCU, Round 2: March Badness”

  1. I was thinking if she was distracted by food/treats, you should put buckets full in her house to keep her busy while you go out!!!! :). She might get fat but her chateau would remain intact!!!

    Is she smart enough to know she needs to keep causing damage until you can’t take it anymore and bring her in? She kept at it and her reward was to go in the house…… She got what SHE wanted.

  2. Lynn – you’re good at brainstorming the issue. In this case, you’d have to know how Tinny eats (think Hoover vacuum). In fact, we buy special food bowls with obstacles built in, to keep her from inhaling the food so fast that she chokes or doesn’t digest it well. She is quite smart – unfortunately she uses her powers for evil, not good.

    We have a few more tricks in us, but I’m long past thinking any of them are more ingenious than she is. We continue to try, just the same. One thing is certain, she ended up with someone equally as stubborn and persistent. If this is a battle of wills, we may have both met our match ;-). Keep the ideas coming… (same for FB and Twitter buds sending messages – feel free to comment directly on the blog!)

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