The Last Car Ride

Last Friday night was (I hope) Tinny’s last ride along in the back of my car. She’s done so well in the car for so long that I guess she didn’t want me getting spoiled. That, or she sensed the impending completion of the fence around the TCU (Tinny Containment Unit).

Without a lot of words, let me give you the play-by-play on Friday night, which will clearly explain why Ryan jumped out of bed Saturday morning and finished the fence lickety-split, and why I am oh-so-happy to leave Tinny in it on my next outing.

  1. I drove downtown to meet up with Ryan and friends for some drinks and First Friday, with Tinny in tow.
  2. Before leaving downtown we hit Coffee & Chocolate to pick up one of my favorite little cakes.
  3. I had a couple glasses of wine and was (ahem) hormonal anyway (hence the chocolate).
  4. We left downtown but made a stop in Bearden for a friend’s art event.
  5. Tinny stayed in the car, as did the chocolate cake (need I finish this list??).
  6. When I walked back out to the car and saw the cake box in shreds and licked clean… I opened the back door and just started swinging (my purse).

Not sure who was more afraid at that point – Tinny or Ryan.  And I only realized as I was getting in the car to drive away that there was a small group of folks gathered outside our last stop, bearing witness to my little tirade… folks with whom I’d just been chatting like a sane individual, not 3 minutes earlier.

So as I said, Saturday morning the fence got finished in a hurry.  The TCU is now complete.  Time for a test run………..

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