Latest Miracle Discovery: Bar Keepers Friend

Last summer I told you about an all-natural solution to a gnat infestation problem we had, recommended by my friend Jessie, the organic gardener. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I have discovered that for every household problem I encounter, no matter how obscure, Jessie has a remedy. And they always seem to work like magic!

On Jessie’s latest visit to our new home we were talking about our counter tops, which are Corian, as is the sink. The sink started out a nice creamy shade of off-white, but it seems that everything that touches it leaves little stains, which we can’t seem to get clean. Off-handedly I remarked: “yeah, and if you know of anything that will actually get the sink clean, let me know!”  In what I now know to be perfect Jessie style she said: “As a matter of fact, I do.”

She then proceeded to tell us about the Bar Keepers Friend. It has since become a very good friend of the Roth’s as well. Ryan found some in the store, brought it home and used it on the sink. I could not believe my eyes. The sink was sparkling like new again.

Ryan then decided to see what else it could clean. He used it on the shower doors, which we usually end up scrubbing to get clean. He proclaimed it allowed him to simply wipe the shower doors clean, no scrubbing needed!  Then he tried it on my tea press, which I use to brew my loose leaf tea each morning. Suddenly the once brown press was now bright silver again, like new!

Having a success trifecta firmly in hand, I decided it was time to share the latest miracle with the rest of you loyal readers. Now go, and live cleanly, effortlessly. 😉

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