I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

…You’re never gonna keep me down. I’m pretty sure this is Tinny’s official theme song now. In fact, you’ll get the most out of this post if you start the video at the bottom and listen while reading. I keep thinking The Tinny Chronicles will end soon, each time we find a new “solution,” but I’m beginning to see Tinny has other plans.

Since we got the TCU (Tinny Containment Unit) ready in time for our anniversary weekend (which we’re spending on the gulf coast), we did a “test run” of the TCU, to see what devious ways Tinny might invent to dash our hopes and dreams for a cozy, safe, secure area to house her while we are away. She did not let us down.

I had an appointment a few days before our travel plans. We filled the Chateau with blankets and some of Ryan’s old sweaters, put plenty of water and chew toys in the TCU, closed the gate and bid Tinny “Adieu.”  She was in the TCU for 2 hours before I returned. She spent most of her time inside pacing the interior of the fence. But apparently she was doing something else as well…

As I was walking down the back steps I could hear and began to see what was happening. The gaps in the TCU fence are JUST wide enough for Tinny to get her mouth around the individual boards. She was happily chomping away at the bottom of the middle three cedar boards on the gate, and had made quite the “impression” by the time I got there.

She was combining the board chewing with digging at the earth below and, given much more time, would have been standing at the back door awaiting my arrival (and that door/door jamb would have been in shreds). Thank goodness for “test runs.”

Immediate interventions included adding 2×4’s along the bottom of the gate and interior fence, but we know it won’t be sufficient. Next move is to pick up some chicken wire and staple it across the lower, interior portion of the fence, and bury a bit of it into the ground below the fence.  We’re running out of time to test any more solutions before our anniversary weekend so, here’s hopin’…


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