Why Blog?

I’m not terribly regular at posting updates to my blog, although that really depends on the month and what’s happening in my life. I’m frequently reminded this is not “best practices” for blogging, so sometimes I feel a little guilty for not providing more regular updates via my posts.

This morning I’m reminding myself why I do this, and it turns out that it isn’t to satisfy anyone else’s need for regularity. Since this isn’t a business blog, and I don’t really have any topic to which I adhere as a theme, I just write about things that are on my mind. My blog topics trend around my life like Twitter trending topics do around pop culture and late breaking news. My life is just lots less interesting to the average person. The good news is that the average person isn’t following me.

I started this blog just under a year ago to satisfy my own need to start writing again, to remind myself how to take a thought, flesh it out, consider lots of angles to it and then put it down in print in some way that is interesting, if only to me.

That’s why you can find posts about my travels, my recent wedding, silly things that make me laugh, early morning thought posts (like the one you’re reading now), reviews of books I read and liked, motivational and life improvement posts, rants on things in America that frustrate me, things that are sad but still offer meaning in life, and hopefully a funny and positive perspective on it all.

For me, writing (good or bad) is cathartic. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and events with friends and family and since none of my family live nearby, the blog is a great way to do that. But like anything, putting the thought or idea down on paper (or screen) is a wonderful way to force myself to think through it and find deeper meaning than I might have, had the thought remained in the back of my head somewhere. Plus, it’s great when folks comment and offer insight and perspective on my thoughts that I would not have otherwise had!

So it turns out the purpose of this blog is really just for me and to satisfy my basic need to share. My life isn’t on any kind of schedule, so it seems appropriate that neither is my blog. But I like to think that the reader can always find an underlying current of hope, of belief, of faith in humankind. I hope people leave my blog feeling somehow happier, thought-provoked, or inspired. That would be great. But if not, that’s ok – I’m just writing it for me anyway.

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