Need a gift for Dad? Win an Earth Fare gift card!

I’m giving away another gift card this week, thanks to the nice folks at Earth Fare and in honor of the grand opening of the new Bearden location, and just in time for Father’s Day!

The goal is for this contest to be fun and informative! Tell me why you shop at Earth Fare – what do you get there that you can’t find at any other area stores? Maybe it’s the milk you can buy in the returnable glass jars from the Blue Ridge Mountains, or the Dr. Hauschka all natural skin and hair products. Maybe it’s Udo’s oil (a unique blend of Omega 3/6/9), the commitment to serving only grain fed, free range meat, or simply the vast selection of organic fruits and veggies.

Whatever it is, tell us! Or, tell us your favorite recipe made from some of the cool ingredients from Earth Fare. Teach us all something new. Best story wins a $25 gift card. If there are enough good stories, maybe I’ll go nuts and give away TWO $25 gift cards!

Get your entry in now – contest ends Sunday, June 21st – Father’s Day.

6 thoughts on “Need a gift for Dad? Win an Earth Fare gift card!”

  1. I go to Earth Fare for cat food. My 14 year old cat has health problems and the only food that doesn't put extra weight on her or give her kidney issues is Wellness brand which I get in Knoxville at Eartfare.

  2. Honestly, I can't say that I have shopped at Earth Fare, but I know a certain coupon lady that love to shop at Earth Fare for the freshest produce and organic milk for the boys.
    I may not have shopped there before, but I have done some stealth reporting.
    And I will admit, if I win the gift card, I plan on putting a hurting on their fresh salad and soup bars.
    What can I say, I like to eat good food. :0)

  3. I love Earth Fare. I usually buy organic dog food (Castor & Pollux) for my two dachshunds. Even the vet commented on how well their coats looked this last visit.

  4. I love Earth Fare!!! I go there often to buy nut mixes, fresh grains and beans. They have a great meat counter and it all taste so much better because it has no additives. I have had gastric bypass surgery and have to drink alot of protien drinks and special vitamins. They have the best selection and the best staff. The new store is awesome and closer to my home!!!

  5. I have yet to go to Earth Fare, but I am planning to go for one of my next trips! I can't wait to see what everyone is talking about!

  6. Thanks for your comments. Winner has been selected and notified. Now, I'm off to make my shopping list for my first visit to the new Bearden Earth Fare!! Have a great week…

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