Bon Voyage…

Wedding planning is exhausting! Okay, it’s not really, but wedding dress shopping is. So, we’ve decided not to do it anymore… at least for a while. Saturday we’re heading to British Virgin Islands for a week of sailing.

This is the same trip I did last year (same week too, in fact), when I traveled alone to meet a group on a ladies-only, learn-to-sail trip. Communication with Ryan was in the very early stages of dating and getting to better know each other.

This year I’m ecstatic to be taking the same awesome trip with my friend Carol Morley, sailing instructor extraordinaire. And as awesome as all that is, I’m thrilled beyond words to be taking fun trips like these with my best friend and fiancee, Ryan.

While being single all these years never held me back from doing exactly what I wanted (when I wanted to do it ;-), I know that in the future my adventures will have a new depth and richness of experience that they never could have as I wandered the planet flying solo.

We were initially going to elope on this trip (and still wonder if we shouldn’t do that!). But we are really looking forward to sharing the experience and celebrating with all of you (so we won’t ;-). I could pre-write some posts to go out while we are gone but… well, I’m not going to so nothing further until March.

Have a great weekend all, and don’t party too hard, you Mobile Mardi Gras revelers!! Joe Cain Day was always my favorite day of the season – run hard and drink one for me. Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!!

2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage…”

  1. My daughter-in-law and I sailed with Carol Morley about five years ago…could you put us in touch with her?

  2. Caroline,

    I can put you in touch with her but do not want to put her contact info out on the web. You can contact me privately via Facebook or my Twitter account and I’ll send you her email.
    (jenmcclurg on Twitter)

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