What was great about ’08

As in all prior years, I learned a LOT in 2008. Unlike 2007, when I completed my MBA, this past year involved a lot of self-teaching and discovery.  Fresh from graduate school, having turned down all the job offers presented to me, I started the year trying to figure out how the next chapter of my life should look.  

During my contemplation, I bought a foreclosure house and decided to renovate it.  That experience brought its own set of lessons! Finishing up renovations around April I decided to do some traveling.  
I’d already splurged in February and taken my dream learn-to-sail trip around the British Virgin Islands.  I met the coolest 72 year old sailing instructor ever.  That lady handled the boat and 3 unskilled female sailing students with unbelievable grace, ease and efficiency.  God I hope I’m that spry when I reach that decade of my life.
January brought me a present of a different variety.  I turned 34 that month, and I also met Ryan, with whom I now have the greatest romantic relationship I’ve ever had.  To effectively make this point, Ryan just became the first man I have ever lived with, as we moved in together over Christmas.
In May I traveled to Nassau, on a freebie trip thanks to my pilot boyfriend.  In July I was lucky enough to be along on another of those trips, this time to Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas.  Both wonderful trips. June took me to San Francisco for a financial seminar, where I learned strategies that paid off nicely when the stock market took a dive later in the year.  In that seminar I also learned about blogging (which is why you can read this now) and Twitter – one of the coolest things I learned.  Twitter brought me a realtor and a PR guy (both of whom are playing much greater roles in my life than first anticipated), lots of awesome new friends in Knoxville, a fabulous group of hip ladies with whom I enjoy Tweet-her socials, and so much more.
November I spent 9 days in Hilton Head with Ryan’s family from Alaska and Oregon, meeting most of them for the first time.  December I went to Orlando for a week-long seminar on life change, and got plenty of that in the process.
I am now involved in about 4 different businesses, all of which I am very excited about for 2009.  I am living a life of my own design, working from home, on my own schedule, largely as my own boss.
I’d say all of 2008 was one long personal and spiritual journey for me.  It brought people, events and places into my life to help me learn and grow and become a better person.  The year that just ended was a beautiful year in every way.  I grew a year older, on this very day in fact.  Reaching the mid-point of my thirties I’ve begun to reach that place we all strive for – a place of peace, harmony and comfort in my own skin.   Every day my life is just a little better than the day before, and for that, I am truly grateful.  
What was great about ’08?  I woke up each morning and I got to choose the meaning I gave to each new moment – I can’t think of anything better than that!
Looking forward to many wonderful new adventures and moments with all of you in 2009!
Happy new year!

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