Headed South

So my… 男朋友 (nan peng you – Mandarin for “boyfriend” since no one has given me a better term yet) Ryan, is a corporate pilot, which means he flies planes for a couple of local business men. The perk of dating such a pilot is that sometimes (SOMETIMES) he goes to fun places and there is extra room for me to tag along. Most times he goes to awful places like Jackson, TN (ranked in the top ten most dangerous cities in the US) or Marlton, NJ (what in God’s name is there). Twice in the last few months these trips have included the Bahamas. Today will be the second time in recent months that they include visits near my family, who reside on the Eastern Shore of Mobile, AL, in Daphne.

Luckily so far, on all the cool trips, there’s been an extra seat on the plane for me to tag along. This morning is another such occasion. Although not as close as the previous trip to Gulfport, we’ll be landing in Jackson, MS and driving down to the Eastern Shore. We’ll stay with my folks, who have a wonderful pool in their yard, and visit with family. My nephew, who I helped learn to swim when last in town, has his arm in a cast this time around, unfortunately.

Luckily, Ryan has extra Wii controllers, and he and Christopher, my 6 year old nephew should enjoy Mario Cart Wii greatly (I however, hate it… I actually rammed the wheel into the mirror on the wall behind me and overhead on the couch where I was sitting when last we played… it stresses me out way too much and well, I just had a massage today and don’t want to get all worked up).

Also, Ryan is way too freaked out that we are the only two people on the planet who have not yet seen the Dark Knight so I am sure that will factor into the weekend away as well. With that, I’m off to fly the friendly skies. I’m still hoping for some divine inspiration on a new and improved term for the “boyfriend” but so far, my prospects are looking grim. Put your thinking caps on people.

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