A Day in Chattanooga

Yesterday Ryan and I went to the aquarium in Chattanooga. What a neat place. In fact, what a neat job Chattanooga has done with their downtown waterfront area. With so many options within walking distance (aquarium, IMAX, art district, biking/walking trail, etc.), we had no trouble filling the entire day and it was gone before we knew it.

We started at the aquarium, walked over to catch Dolphins and Whales in 3D on IMAX, then walked along the waterfront for a couple of miles to the Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar (which has great food and outstanding margaritas on its perfectly appointed deck overlooking the river). After an excellent lunch we walked back to finish our aquarium tour. In case you haven’t been, the exhibits take you on a journey from mountain top to sea level, teaching you about all sorts of fish and amphibians that live in the various oceans, deltas, streams and rivers along the way. It also boasts the largest freshwater aquarium in_the_world. I was very surprised to find a butterfly exhibit, which visitors can walk through and some of the butterflies will actually land on your hands and hang out. Very cool.

I’ll not waste any more space writing here, and rather show you some of what the aquarium has to offer…

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  1. It has been ten years or more since I last visited. Your post reminds me that it is time to do so once again. I’m thinking a road trip for the wife and me.

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